Day 5: If the dress fits, wear it!

Today is day five. And I’m feeling pretty good! My wedding next weekend, and my dress FITS PERFECTLY. My final fitting was this morning, and I was a little nervous. Between my first and second fitting, I had lost four inches, thanks to CrossFit, so when my seamstress reconstructed the entire bodice (again), she took it in a little extra. And it’s perfect! Now all I have to do is not change my body shape dramatically in the next 8 days. Which means, I’m still going to work out, but only once or twice (because seriously? My seamstress forbade me to CrossFit before now and my wedding, but I don’t think I can do that. How the hell am I supposed to survive this last week of wedding prep with no workout?!).

I’ve added a pre-workout and post-workout powder to my routine, and I’m digging it! I was sure the pre-workout powder would keep me up all night (because it has caffeine, and I work out in the evening), but it didn’t, so I’m very pleased. I also felt pretty solid during the workout (Jackie. In 80-something degree heat) and great after the workout. So I’m very excited about this!

Macros tracking, so far, sucks because I’m still finding it hard to eat enough. I’m adding in snacks and protein bars, but holy hell. I literally just sucked down protein powder and almond milk last night in a desperate attempt to meet my protein quota, and it wasn’t enough. So I’m still working on finding the perfect balance of eating. I’m not going to stress too much over this, because I’m doing things like seating arrangements and centerpieces, and that’s taking up most of my spare time and planning neurons at the moment. When those planning neurons are finally freed up, I intend to devote them to meal prep.


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