Day 4: The pull of the bed

So we’re 4 days into this here thing Team. Here’s my assessment so far:

Day 1: Headache, pissy, wanting everyone to die while simultaneously holding me like a baby. I was low energy but I got two workouts in.

Day 2: Headachier, pissier, killinger. Tuesday was a bad day. I just wanted to eat all the pastries and sleep away my life. My work schedule prevented me from getting to the gym which meant I was even more angry at the universe. I got off work around 8 o’clock. When I got home I was hella pooped but decided to go for a run. That work nicely because I got out some of my aggression just before I collapsed on my bedroom floor (only for drama’s sake).

Day 3: Sooooo much better! I’m still a little low on the energy but I’m just giving my body time to adjust. I may have to up the carbs some but we’ll see how the rest of the week goes. Still want to eat all the pastries but that’s more out of habit than necessity.

Day 4: Even better than yesterday! The food thing is pretty easy now that I have everything prepped and planned out for the week. My workout this morning was a little lackluster because I’m still feeling low energy. Gonna try to not beat myself up over that.


  1. This thing will be doable as long as I’m organized and prepared.
  2. I’m worried that I need to get as organized about my training. Right now I’m doing crossfit 5 days a week but those workouts can be short. Like today was 10 minutes long. Will I get Zac Efron’s body with 10 minutes a day? I’m thinking not. I want to include more classic bodybuilding things along with my crossfit training.
  3. Taking “before” pics of yourself is the most depressing goddamn thing any human has ever done to themselves.
  4. Carbs are my happy place.

Fat baby


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