Who are we, why we are doing this, and will there be any vegan cheesecakes on this blog?

Unless something goes terribly wrong, there should not be (m)any vegan cheesecakes on this blog. We decided to start this blog a mere week ago, while drinking juice and eating snacks/lunch at the Sweet Auburn Market in Atlanta. The challenge was, of course, Patrick’s idea. And I can’t resist a fitness/nutrition challenge.

This wasn’t always the case.

I was a smoker for just over 15 years, usually a pack a day, sometimes two. I went to graduate school for English, and if there is anything less conducive to fitness than reading and writing papers all day, I would love to know what it is, because I cannot image in. Plus, graduate school, for any discipline, is high stress and constant overwork. When I discovered I could live on HotPockets, because I could eat them with one hand while typing with the other, well.

Eventually, I had an epiphany, when my Mom’s health took a turn. I quit smoking and started doing this fitness stuff. I did some hot yoga, which was awesome. After a bit of that, I then joined a local gym where I met my co-blogger, Patrick, who was an excellent trainer there. Eventually, I wanted to amp up my workouts, and he suckered me encouraged me to join his CrossFit gym. CrossFit, as it turns out, is awesome, and I love it!!!

So here I am. My biggest obstacles to fitness is the fact that I do things like make plans to eat 28 vegan cheesecakes (note: I’m not actually vegan. Or strictly vegetarian, for that matter). I like food, and I lose all sense when it comes to good food. And I’m also lazy. I would rather have food prepared for me, than prepare the food myself, because there’s always something more interesting I could be doing (see above: HotPockets). And my fitness routine needs some improvement. There are things I want to be able to do. Like pull-ups!

And I would like to add this: During this challenge, I will be getting married and also turning 40 (Patrick, btw, is one of my bridesmen! Yay!). In fact, those things both happen at the end of May, only a couple weeks in. So I might be a little scattered getting this thing started (like, say, blogging the night before.) But bear with me.

And for the love of all that’s holy, cheer me on. I’ll need it.



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